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To ensure that your fire extinguishers are ready to use in case of an emergency, you need to perfom fire extinguisher testing. Extintores de incêndio can help you fight small fires, create a safe exit path and reduce the damage to your property. That’s why you should inspect your fire safety equipment frequently and have it tested by a qualified person once a year.

Gielle, leader in the fire-fighting sector for more than 55 years, offers the complete fire extinguisher maintenance service, in all its phases: visual inspection, monthly inspections, hydrostatic testing and annual maintenance checks.

Monthly Inspections By The Owner

Monthly inspections should be done by the owner of the premises or someone they designate. The inspection should include the following aspects:

  • The extinguisher is located correctly

  • There are no physical obstructions preventing easy access

  • The extinguisher has clean and clear instructions that are visible to possible users

  • The extinguishers are new, full and not damaged

  • The pressure matches the suggested levels

  • The seals or indicators are in place and intact


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    Fire extinguisher annual Inspections by a certified company

    You should have all your fire extinguishers checked annually by a qualified person or a trained official. This person will advise you on any additional maintenance that may be required. You should test the pressure and discharge of your fire extinguishers every few years, even if you have annual inspections. Water, powder and foam extinguishers need these tests every 5 years, and CO2 every 10 years. A qualified techician will do a hydrostatic test to check the cylinder’s safety and a discharge test to check the extinguisher’s performance.

    Water and foam extinguishers can be refilled on site after testing, but other types have to go to a testing facility. The tester will replace them with tested ones in that case. It may be cheaper to get new extinguishers than to refill the old ones after testing. You may also need to replace them after some test periods due to rust or damage.


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    Visual inspection

    According to NFPA 10, fire extinguishers inspection must be carried out once every month, recording the month and year of the inspection and the person conducting it. Extinguishers in locations that expose them to rust, impact or tampering should be inspected more often to ensure that it can be used reliably and effectively in case of emergency.



    Fire extinguisher maintenance needs to be performed every year by a certified person and consists in the examination of fire extinguishers mechanical parts, extinguishing agent, expelling means and physical condition. Each fire extinguisher will have then a tag or label securely attached, indicating that maintenance was performed.


    Hydrostatic Testing

    Depending on the type of extinguisher, these are done either every 5 or 12 years by trained and certified technicians. During a hydrostatic test, the extinguisher undergoes an internal and external inspection: it’s stripped of most of its components except the shell and hose and filled with pressurized water for a specific duration. If the cylinder fails the hydrostatic test (leakage, distortion, etc) it must be discarded.


    Sistemas de proteção contra incêndio

    Oferecemos soluções com agentes extintores naturais ou químicos, soluções combinadas gás/água e soluções de névoa de água.


    Extintores de incêndio

    Gielle oferece uma grande seleção de extintores de incêndio de qualidade com uma ampla gama de aprovações, incluindo a Marca CE e muito mais.


    Manutenção de sistemas de incêndio

    Os sistemas de proteção contra incêndio requerem manutenção regular para funcionar com desempenho ideal e combater eficazmente o incêndio.


    Banco Internacional de Halon

    Gielle é banco autorizado de halon para atividades de recuperação e reciclagem de halon.


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